Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Claim Private Health Rebates?
Usually.  That depends on your provider and the type of cover you have.  Most private health insurance premiums cover Acupuncture.
How much does Acupuncture cost?

Initial consultation or treatment is $80.  Follow up is usually 45 min which costs $60.  Occasionally an hour follow up is required which costs $80

How Many Treatments Will It Take?

This is a great question but it is hard to answer.  It depends on a lot of factors.  Often its not till after a few treatments that a picture builds which can provide any reliable sense on how long it will take.  A useful rule of thumb used in many healing professions is “the longer the injury has been around the longer it will take to heal.”

Does it hurt?

Sometimes,  but probably not as much as you think.  Acupuncture needles are a lot thinner than a syringe,  it doesnt feel anything like having an injection or a blood test.  Most needles you dont feel,  sometimes you might feel a deep aching sensation for a moment.

Can I Claim Medicare, Workcover, DVA?
  • Medicare- Not at this stage
  • Workcover- Yes. You’ll need a referal from your GP.
  • DVA – Unfortunately not at this stage