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Japanese Acupuncture and Herbs are safe, effective drug-free options for the treatment of many non-life threatening conditions. Nicholas Acupuncture, located on the north-side of Brisbane, is here to provide a nurturing, non-judgemental space.

Safe, Effective and Drug Free

Acupuncture and Herbs are a safe effective, drug-free treatment for most non life-threatening illnesses.  It was a stand-alone treatment in China for thousands of years.

Healing Through Balance

Acupuncture works through a unique system of diagnosis and treatment.  It can treat imbalances that lie at the core of illnesses, often before they become serious diseases.

Highly Trained and Accredited

Acupuncturists are Bachelor degree trained and are accredited through AHPRA,  the same organisation that accredits doctors and other health professionals

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well”





Acupuncture is clinically proven to treat a wide variety of conditions.  It uses a different approach so you can…


  • Use it alongside conventional treatment
  • Try it out first if you don’t like the alternative eg. surgery.
  • Get results when other treatments can’t see the problem 

Muscle and Joint Pain

Acupuncture is clinically proven to treat back and knee pain.  It can treat muscular issues and it can also treat arthritis. Soft tissue injuries respond to Acupuncture as well.

Whole Body Treatment

Acupuncture works beyond where the needle is placed.  Acupuncture can treat  illnesses like fatigue, cough and reproductive issues.

When Things Just Don't Feel Right

Sometimes you feel out of sorts but no one can see why.  Acupuncture uses a different approach which can pick up things that don’t fit the mould.

Great for Maintenance

Getting sick can often be a progression where the problem starts off small but then it snowballs.  Acupuncture is good at catching things early.

Here to Help

Nicholas brings his skills and experience to help you achieve your health goals.

10 years Experience

Experience matters. I have years of clinical experience which I bring to the table. This means you get an effective, comfortable experience and advice you can trust.

Trained in Japan

Acupuncture isn’t something you can pick up from a textbook or learn from going to a lecture. I’ve trained with some of the best acupuncturists in Australia and the world.


I have dedicated my life to helping others. If I don’t think I can help you I will tell you up front. You will be informed and included the whole way through the healing process.


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